Top 10 Trends in Health & Fitness

Workout & Fitness Trends 2018

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The Top 10 Trends in Health & Fitness

Trend # 1: Portable technology

Carry, record, reach!
Fitness bracelets or fitness straps are currently very popular. You’ll keep track of how many steps you’ve been running all day, monitor your pulse, burn calories, and even sleep rhythm to help you get the most out of your workout and achieve your goals.
Smartwatches (Fitbit, MiFit, Garmin, AppleWatch), GPS, Trackers (Catapult) or Heart Rate Monitor (Polar) enhance the effectiveness of your training and synchronize with apps to record your progress.
The high demand makes them more affordable and they can be used well and purposefully by both professionals and beginners.

Trend # 2: Training with your own body weight

Lifestyle Trends 2018
Functional training with nothing but your own body, for 20 minutes a day improves health, promotes fat loss and even boosts mood. Through many classic exercises, lie support, pull-ups and squats, extra calories are burned and muscles are strengthened.
These exercises can be performed anywhere, anytime while you are on the phone, in commercial breaks of a TV show, or when you are playing with your children.

Trend # 3: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a fast weight loss and is used today in the food and beauty industry as well as in the pharmacy. In addition, Aloe Vera combats acne, eczema and supports the digestion since it can easily be absorbed by the body and has anti-inflammatory effects.
Aloe Vera contains over 75 different ingredients. Flavonoids (secondary phytochemicals), tannins (tannins), carotenoids and vitamin C are only a few of them.

Trend # 4: Foam Rolling

Lifestyle Trends 2017
The question is: What cannot be achieved with a fascial role?
The Foam Rolling massages the lowermost tissue coatings, thus solving muscle cramps and tensions. The blood circulation is stimulated, the mobility is improved and the time the body needs for recovery is shortened.
There are different types of fascia rolls with which each body part can be edited. From the lower back to the buttocks and back of the thighs.
You can use them anywhere, take them anywhere, they’re cheap and make them an absolute must for any sports fan. Use them to warm up, to help you recover, to prevent injuries, to stretch or to move to increase.

Trend # 5: Resistance Bands

Cheap, effective, easy to transport!
Resistance bands promote your strength and provide variety in your training. You can use them alone or in combination with other equipment.
There are different strengths. They support muscle strength, increase heart rate, strengthen the muscles, increase bone density and promote weight loss. What more do you want?

Trend # 6: Smoothies and juices

Lifestyle Trends 2017
Smoothies are very popular and can also replace a meal. Foods such as green cabbage, blueberries, aloe vera, chia seeds, almonds or coconut milk are ideal for smoothies.
They cleanse and detoxify the body, thereby promoting weight loss and bringing you closer to your dream body.

Trend # 7: Krill Oil 

krill oil supplements

The Omega-3 fatty acids contained in Krill Oil are in phospholipid form, which allows them to be absorbed much easier and even cross the blood-brain barrier, delivering nutrition straight to the brain.
Omega-3 fatty acids are also known to reduce “bad” and increase “good” cholesterol, which, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine, may dramatically decrease the chance of coronary artery disease, heart disease & stroke.

Euphasia Superba, commonly known as “Krill”, are small shrimp-like crustaceans native in the waters of Antarctica, Canada and Japan. The Japanese in particular call it “okiami” and have been using it as a food source for more than 200 years.

Krill are known for containing nutrients similar to those found in fish oil, a popular and widely-known dietary supplement that has been used worldwide for centuries.

Trend # 8: Spiral cutter

Spiral cutters facilitate the preparation of salads or vegetables. Replace your traditional noodles with courgettes. Hidden vegetables for your children under the rest of the pasta. It goes fast, is simple and tastes good.

Trend # 9: Gluten free

Lifestyle Trends 2017
Gluten is a protein (gluten protein) that occurs in some cereal products. Bread, noodles, pizza, cakes, etc. More and more people refrain from using gluten-containing products. Either for nutritional reasons, medical or personal.
For people with celiac disease, Crohn’s disease or gluten intolerance causes gluten discomfort. A gluten-free diet helps to control the symptoms.
Many follow this diet to find out whether the rumors associated with gluten-free diet and weight loss actually apply. No matter what reasons, in 2017, a lot of alternative products were developed.

Trend # 10: Coconut oil, water, and milk

No matter what form, we buy it!

For cooking, mixing, drinking, baking and even as a moisturizer, we consume lots of coconut products. They are free of other additives and that makes them a perfect substitute for gluten or lactose.
The sugar and calorie content is low and it contains well digestible carbohydrates. Coconut can be used in many ways and offers enormous health benefits. Whether it’s coconut, oil or water. Coconuts are vitamins (vitamin B), minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc) and contain bioactive enzymes and electrolytes, which promote weight loss by increasing metabolic activity.

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