how does Forskolin work?

What is Forskolin and what does it do?

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You may have heard recently in Forskolin’s media, as it has been featured in a wide range of publications for its slimming properties.

Dr. Oz has even included it in his list “best supplements to get rid of the belly”, for its thermogenic properties.

In our report you will find out how this new substance works, it is safe to consume, and most importantly, we evaluate its effectiveness as an aid to losing weight.

What is Forskolin and what does it do?

Coleus forskohlii, also known as Plectranthus Barbatus [1] or Indian Coleus, is a tropical plant closely related to the Coleus species.

Coleus forskohlii is of particular interest to us, due to its potential as an aid to weight loss and antioxidants.

Forskolin, also known as colonel, is a compound which is naturally found in Coleus forskohlii and has been used in the study of cell physiology to activate the enzyme adenylate cyclase, as well as to increase the intracellular levels of cyclic AMP or cAMP [2].

CAMP plays an important role in cell signaling as well as directly influencing how cells react to different hormonal stimuli and thus influence the function of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.

It mainly means that forskolin helps the cells communicate with each other, which increases hormonal function greatly and essentially divides the body with producing more of an enzyme known as hormone-sensitive lipase [3].

In plain English, please?

If you have ever heard of the word “lipid”, you can probably imagine that the hormone-sensitive lipase has something to do with the fat in our body, which is just right!
It also appears as if the high regulation or increase in the production of cAMP has a signal effect, which leads to an increased production of thyroid hormones, which in turn helps to stimulate the metabolism and is the cause of high-fat burning.

This may sound a little complicated, but everything we need to know at this time is that forskolin causes the body to produce more fat-splitting enzymes or enzymes for fat burning, as well as producing more fat burning hormones [4].

While for all of us trying to lose weight as great news sounds, let’s dig a little deeper to see if this is actually in an increase in weight loss in the real world.

how does Forskolin work?

how does Forskolin work?

Forskolin and weight loss

Weight loss in men

The first study we are going to look at was published in the ‘Journal of Obesity Research’ in 2005, and had suggested the body composition and hormonal adjustments associated with the consumption of forskolin in overweight and obese men [5] .

This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study took place over a period of 12 weeks and 30 subjects were involved with a dose of 250 mg of 10% forskolin extract twice a day.

The resulting data from this study are very promising, with subjects showing:

A “significant decrease” in the body fat percentage and total fat mass

A “significant increase” of the fat-free body mass; attached to

A change in bone mass, indicating an increase in bone density

A “significant increase” in free testosterone levels

All this suggests that Forskolin is not only a pure fat loss supplement but also a natural way for men to increase their testosterone levels, which in turn leads to less body fat and more muscle mass.

The research group ended with the following statement: “The results show that forskolin is a possible therapeutic tool for the management and treatment of obesity.”

Weight loss in women

Research on the effects of forskolin in women is even more interesting, and it begins with a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2005 [6].

Researchers have found that pure forskolin can help to promote the breakdown of stored fats in fat cells and aid in losing weight. It may also release fatty acids from adipose tissue, which results in increased thermogenesis. resuting in loss of body fat and increased lean body mass.

Some volunteers also reported a reduction in fatigue and hunger, so this could have a significant impact on people who are on a low-calorie diet.

In addition, the researchers reported that “No clinically significant interactions in metabolic markers, blood lipids, muscle and liver enzymes, electrolytes, red blood cells, white blood cells, hormones (insulin, TSH, T3 and T4) Or in weekly reports of side effects. “

Since the forskolin is apparently free from any adverse side effects, it is a safe tool for weight loss and weight management for the general population.

Topical forskolin for removal in certain places

Many people suffer from what is commonly known as stubborn fat. In men this is generally found on the lower abdomen and is found on the “swimming ring” regions, with hips and thighs being more common in women.

Reduction of body fat has long been dismissed by many as a myth, but a series of studies evaluated in the research of the Journal of Obesity in 1995 used a series of topical ointments containing forskolin.

The researchers came to the conclusion that “all attempts […] significantly reduced the size of the treated thighs. We conclude that the topical fat loss in women’s thighs can be achieved without a diet or exercise. ”

possible side effects

An animal study [7] in mice has observed a difference in the cytochrome P450 system, which plays a role in the uptake and metabolism of various types of drugs including, but not limited to, blood thinners such as warfarin [9].

For this reason, it would be advisable to consult with your doctor before using a Forskolin supplement if you take any relevant medication.

Otherwise, we could not detect any side effects associated with forskolin, and similar results were found in a study published in the 2005 Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, which shows that forskolin appears to be free from any negative side effects.

Conclusion: Should you take Forskolin?

Forskolin seems to be very promising in the areas of fat breakdown and reduction in fat absorption, while it is also almost completely free of possible side effects.

This makes it a very safe and effective supplement that you can add to your fat loss arsenal, so make sure to watch it.

Our Forskolin supplement contains 500 mg 100% pure ornamental fruit Forskohlii, the same dosage as used for best results in the examinations.

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