Why do the first pounds come off so fast in weight loss?

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Why do the first pounds come off so fast in weight loss?

The first weeks of a diet are always the most successful. We can almost watch as the pounds dwindle. But why does this happen?

Unfortunately, these pounds are not pure adipose fat tissue. No, a lot is water. At the beginning of a diet , our body increasingly attacks the energy reserves of carbohydrates and protein. Our body gets the protein out of the muscles and drops a lot of water. Only after a few days the body learns how to get the energy from our fat deposits. On average it is said that about 3 pounds in water weight loss can occur.

Now, this isn’t actually too bad for rapid toning up, much like the body builders do. It can also be practical as a detox to lose water and replace it with high-quality natural spring water around 8-15ph.

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