Colon Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy and Weight Loss

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Hydrotherapy and Weight Loss

Colonic hydrotherapy, otherwise known as colonics is a holistic health treatment aimed at cleaning out your colon. However, in recent times, there are certain people that have suggested this procedure as a recommendation for losing weight and this is how it came about its name colonic weight loss.

How Colonic Hydrotherapy Works

The colonic hydrotherapy usually involves allowing slow and regulated water flow into the rectum without the use of chemicals or drugs. The only aid to this process is the use of filtered warm water. To get this water into your system, a tube is inserted into your rectum while laying on a medical table. This process usually takes about 45 minutes. The purpose of the water is to initiate and induce colon contractions, and as this happens, there will be an automatic expulsion of mater inside the colon. This process is supposed to be clean and sanitary; with the fecal matter flushed out into a tube and thereafter into a sanitary storage area.

Hydrotherapy and Weight Loss

Hydrotherapy and Weight Loss


According to naturopathic doctors, it is believed that the Colonic hydrotherapy is an important therapy and contributes enormously to the overall health of the body. This is obviously true since it has to do with eliminating cellular wastes and food products from the body – particularly the colon. Scientist Believe that if these wastes are not gotten rid of, there is a chance of the body reabsorbing them back into the body. Bear in mind that these wastes are made up of parasites, toxins and mucous.This can lead to colon cancer. So many processed foods contain binders and GMO’s that get stuck in your system. Have you seen what a coca cola does when you heat it up? It turns to rubber. 

Colon Cancer illustration

Colon Cancer Illustration

Relationship between colonics and weight loss

Other than the cleansing benefits, colonics also leads to hydration of the colon. This makes it an ideal therapy for people suffering from constipation and people working towards losing weight. However, that is how far it goes for weight loss purposes. It is important to note here that this process does not get rid of fat; it just eliminates colon waste which is a plus for those already working towards losing fat. This also implies that by itself, it does not eliminate fat and as such is not recommended in any way as a weight loss strategy. In fact, they are not even necessary for weight loss in any way.

best colon cleanse for weight loss

Colon Cleanse for Weight Loss

Despite the seemingly incredible benefits this therapy has to offer, some medical practitioners are of the opinion that the process itself in most cases is not even necessary at all – whether for body cleansing or for weight loss. According to these practitioners, the body has already made provisions for the elimination of waste and detoxification. And they definitely do a great job. On the contrary, some doctors agree that there is a degree of harm that can be caused by this treatment. Common side effects of the process include abdominal pain, dehydration, kidney failure, perforated colon and bloating.

In conclusion, even if a colonic therapy is safe and beneficial to the body, it is not ideal for everyone. Also, this therapy has a way of making you feel lighter and as such tricks you to thinking you’re losing weight. Hydrotherapy does not take the place of a weight loss strategy. Therefore as a rule of thumb, before having a colonic hydrotherapy, ensure to meet with an accredited therapist.

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