keto diet foods

keto diet foods

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Keto Diet Foods 

For anyone looking to undertake the ketogenic diet, or keto diet, one of the main challenges you can find is getting used to the various keto diet foods. Keto foods need to be very specific as it’s a high-fat, low-carb diet. This means having to more or less cut out any of the carbs – or getting it down to a minimum portion of your intake per day – while improving your fat intake. We know, we know; your mother and father were raised on margarine and that fat is bad. It’s not the case; science makes mistakes, and it turns out that running our bodies with as little fat as possible isn’t quite the utopia it’s sold as.

The main thing that puts people off going on the keto diet, though, is the foods. Keto diet foods are very limited compared to the proverbial buffet that we can choose from normally. It means getting rid of some household favorites, and it also means getting rid of carbs in a big way.

So, what kind of keto diet foods should you be looking to eat?

  • For one, you should be looking to really u your seafood intake. Sorry if you don’t like seafood, but on a ketogenic diet you will need to get used to it. it’s a very good food for keto diets and most seafood is loaded with positive vitamins and selenium while also being carb-free – a must for anyone who is serious about taking the diet seriously.

  • Meat and poultry are a must on a ketogenic diet, too. The lack of cabs in meat and poultry – fresh meat, don’t buy the cheaply processed gunk, shell out – will do you the world of good. Potassium, zinc, selenium and various vitamins and minerals mean that your primary keto diet foods will 100% become meat, poultry, and seafood.

  • The egg is your ally, too – cheesy egg is a great way to combine both dairy and eggs at once. One of the healthiest foods in the world (in some cases, depending on how it’s made etc.) allows an egg to be a great way to get you what you need. Eat the full egg, though, as the yolk contains all of the best parts of an egg!

  • What about sides? Vegetables are your main ally here. Any vegetables which are non-starch are good here and tend to be LOADED with nutrients without adding in any excess calories or carbs. Look at your vegetables as a good source of fiber, but make sure you only eat above-ground grown vegetables.

  • Dairy products – cheese especially – is a must for anyone looking to enjoy keto diet foods. All cheese is more or less low in carbs and high in fat, making it the perfect companion for anyone who is serious about this diet and making it work. Good source of protein, calcium and fatty acids, without the carbs!

Stick to the foods above and you should be far closer to where you would want to be when eating keto diet foods. It takes some adjustment, but it’s 100% worth it!

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