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What you need to know about Digestive Enzymes

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Did you know that when we eat food, it is not the food per say that our digestive system absorbs? What it actually absorbs is what we call nutrients. For any food to be utilized by the body, it has to be broken down from its original form into its nutrient pieces. For instance, instead of broccoli or steak food, the body absorbs its nutrients such as amino acids, cholesterol and so on. However, this foods do not break down on their own, and also, it involves some processes. The process of this breakdown is known as digestion and the breakdown initiators are referred to as digestive enzymes.

What are digestive enzymes?
Digestive enzymes are known as special proteins produced by your body for the main purpose of breaking down the foods you eat into smaller nutrients that can now be absorbable. This is to say that when there’s a short supply of enzymes in the body, the process of digestion or absorption of nutrients will not be complete. This means that your body requires these nutrients in order to function properly, and when it doesn’t  seem to get them, it begins to suffer and the food and nutrient just go unused. These nutrients that would have been used by the body for cell growth, cell repair and energy production just go wasted. This can result in certain digestive symptoms and may end of causing problems with your overall health.

Types of Digestive Enzymes
There are various types of digestive enzymes for different functions, and they can be grouped into three main categories, which are lipase, protease, and amylase.


amylase digestive enzyme

amylase digestive enzyme

Amylase: These are the digestive enzymes required for breaking down carbohydrates; and this includes whole grains, sugar, starchy vegetables and white flours. These amylase enzymes are usually found in the intestinal and pancreatic juices, and also in saliva. This suggests that for carbohydrate, its digestion actually begins in the mouth and this should tell you how important it is to ensure proper chewing of food.


Lipase digestive enzyme

Lipase digestive enzyme

Lipase: Another type of food that needs to be properly digested is fat and the group of enzymes responsible for breaking them down is the lipase. This digestive enzyme, apart from being found in the pancreatic and stomach juices, they are also found in fat-containing foods. This is why taking in the right healthy fats helps in burning fat more effectively and efficiently. The truth is that our body needs the enzymes from these two different sources.


Protease digestive enzyme

Protease digestive enzyme

Protease: This is another category of digestive enzymes and this time it is aimed at helping the digestion of proteins. Note that protein digestion is a very important digestion process. The nutrients gotten from proteins are used in the rebuilding of cell and muscle tissue. Without proper digestion, the undigested proteins find their way into the bloodstream via the intestinal wall. This process and situation, known as ‘leaky gut syndrome’ usually cause allergic reactions like abdominal pains, fever and so on. 

Digestives Enzymes can be said to be one of an essential elements there is in our body. This is because they have a responsibility of carrying, synthesizing, constructing, eliminating and delivering, chemicals and ingredients that our body uses for its daily survival.

Among the many digestive enzyme benefits, also included is a protection of the body from toxins. Therefore, if your body seems not be producing enough of it, it is advisable that you supplement. The best supplement for these enzymes is digestive plant enzymes. These are simply enzymes naturally present in raw foods. This way you can be sure that your body is given the helping hand is needs for proper digestion.

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