What is Ceramide?

What is Ceramide?

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What is Ceramide?
When it comes to optimal health, one of the most challenging parts of doing so is knowing what to take. We are what we eat, and we are what we take. Alongside a nice balanced diet and regular exercise, though, we need to take in the right kind of ingredients to make that possible. One of the most important ingredients that you can take is Ceramide.

This unique and powerful compound has grown in popularity massively over the years and stands almost alone as one of the single greatest forms of body, health and mind treatment out there at the moment. Via Phytoceramideswe can take these powerful solutions into the body and utilize this lipid molecule like never before. These are naturally-occurring molecules that appear in substances like sterols, or even fats. They make up a key structure of a cell’s membrane, it helps to manage the action of the cell and, when needed, stores fats.

Made from sphingosine, a powerful fatty acid, this is a highly concentrated solution found in the cells on the surface layers of your skin.


Without it, our bodies would dehydrate so much faster and it would be easier for damaging toxins and substances to break through our skin. Without the help of ceramides in ceramides then, we would all likely feel more lethargic and be more susceptible to illness.

Typicaly, Ceramide is made by enzymes breaking down sphingolipids to make sure that the body can produce what is needed. Or, it can happen via hydrolysis, when the molecules are naturally broken down using water; this happens via the usage of an enzyme known as sphingomyelinase. With more ceramide in the system, our skin will begin to make sure it feels softer, more moisturized and generally will help to improve our visual appearance and how we look in general.
Either way, though, it’s vital that you take the importance of ceramides very seriously. They play a critical role in skin care this is a major reason why so many people choose to use various forms of skin care products.For smoother, softer and more resistant skin you should definitely look to help augment the ceramides within your body using a natural and powerful supplement to make that possible.

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