What Is Ketosis 

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What Is Ketosis? 

When you get involved with taking on the ketogenic diet – one of the most effective, proven dietary formats out there – you need a dictionary as much as a recipe book. There are so many terms of learning about and understand that it can all feel a little more distracting and irritating. That being said, you can make your life so much simpler if you just invest in understanding the ‘primary term’ of the keto diet, which is ketosis. Ketosis is the state in which our bodies need to reach for this powerful dietary platform to actually work for us.

Many people hear the term and think ‘what the hell is that?’ but it’s a completely natural part of our metabolic process. The problem is that most of us don’t have diets that allow us to enter a state of ketosis. Essentially, since the ketogenic diet cuts out our bodies production of glucose to produce our energy, it turns to the stored fats that we have been building up as part of this high-fat, low-carb diet. Doing this creates a range of acids that are released, known as ketones.

How Ketosis Works

what is ketosis

Ketosis is part of the keto diet and is essentially why it works. We give our body a fuel to use and instead of storing that fuel away and running on glucose, we run on the very fat we are actually eating. Naturally, this means you stop storing fat, meaning that you stop gaining weight – at least, as much weight. Commonly taking place in the bodies of diabetics, not many people really “get” what ketosis is.

Normally, the body would use glucose which comes from starchy foods like bread or pasta, or sugars such as fruit, milk, yogurt and, of course, junk food. When we remove the ability for our body to have foods which make it produce glucose, we are making it easier for the body to use our fat to run our bodies instead of using our sugars to do so.

If your body does not have enough glucose to stoke the flames and keep you going, then it will be used to help run using fats. It starts to then break down the fat stores in our body to get the glucose found in triglycerides. This allows our body to meet our energy needs without having to eat foods which are high in sugars and carbs to give ourselves the zest to get through the day.

Glucose is either stored as a fuel for the body or is stored in the liner and our muscles in the form of glycogen. Therefore, if we use a keto diet we can make our bodies enter a state of ketosis and make it much more likely that we can overcome and eventually defeat weight gain.

While the keto diet means changing a lot about how we eat and we how we think about food, there is a reason that the ketogenic diet is up there with the best diets of its kind on the market; it works!

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