3 Ways to Lose Weight When the Gym is Not an Option

3 Ways to Lose Weight When the Gym is Not an Option

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Physical activity is one of the most important things you can do each day. However, sometimes, a hard workout is not an option. If you’re recovering from an injury, are morbidly obese, or suffer with chronic pain, working out not only hurts, but may worsen your condition. When you need to lose weight but have extreme physical restrictions, the following three ideas can help you lower the numbers on the scale without increasing your risk of injuries.

  1. Find a friend.

Everything’s better with friends. Working out is no different. When you can’t enjoy a heart-pounding fitness session, grab a friend and go for a walk. According to Humana, walking is an excellent low-impact exercise that can help you maintain your health. When combined with a healthy diet, the added calories you burn during a 30- to 60-minute walk can result in much-welcome weight loss.

You don’t have to have a human friend to enjoy a light fitness routine, either. Dogs are great companions that can keep you motivated and are more than willing to let you get creative with your fitness routine. From hiking to swimming, and even dog yoga, your canine companion may be the key to your overall health. Jacqueline Bennett of Rover offers up more info on dogs and working out in this article. Before you hit the trails or the open road, just make sure your dog is properly geared up.


  1. Consider supplements that reduce pain.

As the opioid crisis looms across the country, you likely already know that taking pain medicine daily can lead to a host of health problems up to and including addiction. If pain is a problem, and with your doctor’s permission, there are non-addictive supplements that can reduce inflammation and thereby pain. Two of these are CBD and turmeric, although the former remains somewhat controversial.

CBD is described by Remedy Review as a derivative of the cannabis plant that contains anti-inflammatory properties without the psychoactive effects commonly associated with marijuana. It is widely available in all 50 states in the form of CBD oil. Keep in mind, however, that studies regarding CBD and CBD oil remain in infancy as the U.S. is just truly beginning to legalize hemp-based medicine so do your research. Turmeric, on the other hand, has been around for thousands of years and has known and proven inflammation-fighting powers. Most experts agree that 500 mg of curcuminoids, the healthy compound found in turmeric, can lower systemic inflammation and promote gut health.

These supplements are non-addictive and can help bring pain levels down to a tolerable level so that you can exercise and get enough sleep, which is also important when it comes to weight loss.


  1. Quit believing misinformation.

At Skinny Bean we feel even more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight is what – and how – you eat. Unfortunately, with so many fad diets making the rounds across the internet, there is a ton of misinformation to dig through, and it is often contradictory. Don’t succumb to the idea that you have to eat one way and one way only in order to lose weight. For example, low carb diet plans greatly reduce carbohydrate consumption. But, this is not only unsustainable for the long-term, it also robs your brain of the energy it needs to keep your body functioning. The best diet isn’t a diet at all but a way of life that includes eating a variety of healthy foods and indulging in moderation.

Remember, losing weight is not supposed to be a sprint but a marathon. No matter how hard you work out, the general consensus is that losing no more than one percent of your body weight per week is a healthy way to slim down. Anything more likely means you’re overdoing it and you put you at risk of giving up once you realize you can’t keep it up.

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