What is Ceramide?

What does Optimal Health mean to you? 

Most of us define optimal health as simply feeling normal and lacking diseases. The majority of people may not be visibly ill, but they are certainly not in optimal health, the metabolic state, in which the body and mind work with the highest efficiency, lies beyond mere well-being.This is the ideal state that we want to achieve. Even if you are not sick, you can prevent possible diseases. Many chronic diseases such as fatigue, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, and alcoholism have strong genetic contexts.The possibility of their expression is hidden in the genetic code.  With nutrition, you can significantly reduce the possibility of activating these genes. The further away you are from the optimum health, the more likely these genes are activated. An immediate consequence of the optimum is the better access to stored body fat (instead of stored carbohydrates) for energy production. In addition, your energy levels and ability to concentrate will improve.

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