HCG Ultra Diet Pellets


Ultra Diet Pellets are hormone free and all natural. Used in conjunction with the directions on the label, these easy to use pellets can work to kick the body into fat burning mode and stay that way. With appetite suppression and a metabolism boost, making this a top selling weight loss supplement. Available in fast acting pellets.

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Ultra Diet Pellets are designed as an alternative to using HCG . Containing many ingredients that aid in weight loss including but not limited to: L-Arginine-regulates blood sugar and hormones. Ornithine-build muscle and reduce body fat, increase energy. Thyroidinum-thyroid balancing. Natrum Sulphuricum-prevent bloating and Carnitine-increase metabolism.


• Weight loss
• Appetite Suppression
• Metabolism booster
• Energy
• Blood sugar balancing
• Thyroid balance